WATCH: Watters Eats Steak While Debating Meat-Eaters' 'Toxic Masculinity'

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? Joanne Nosuchinsky and Kat Timpf Square Off

On the website Masterclass, experts in their respective fields give enlightening how-tos on the subjects they know best. 

For example, Martin Scorsese was featured on how to make a movie, Stephen Curry on how to shoot a basketball, Helen Mirren on how to act and Garry Kasparov taught how to play chess.

On The Greg Gutfeld Show, Kat Timpf delivered her own masterclass on how to become and remain a cable news pundit. 

For instance, what if the host asks a question you can't answer?

"Answer with a question of your own. If that doesn't work, state a popular conspiracy theory, then say, "Hey, I'm just asking questions,'" she advised her students. 

And her final tip? 

Food in the green room is free and unlimited so take full advantage. Even soup... 

Watch the masterclass above and tune into "The Greg Gutfeld Show" on Saturdays at 10pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

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