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The topic of sexual harassment was front and center at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, but comedian and blogger Chad Prather thinks it's hypocritical for Hollywood elites to speak out now after staying silent for so long.

"At this point, this politicizing of awards shows in Hollywood, it's about as effective as Barack Obama giving the keynote speech at an NRA convention," Prather said on "Fox & Friends First."

"It's like the band playing as the Titanic goes down. It's a circular firing squad."

He noted that most female attendees wore black gowns in support of the #MeToo movement, standing in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment.

"It's almost as if they're going to their own wake," Prather said.

He pointed out that the word "hypocrite" is rooted in the Greek word "hypokrites," which means actor.

"How many women were sitting there with black dresses on last night that for the last 20 and 30 years have turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse that was going on against colleagues and people in the industry?" Prather said.

"Hollywood has long ago forfeited the right to take the moral high ground and preach to the rest of America about what's right and wrong," he argued.

Prather added that he believes in female empowerment and he hopes to see these celebrities address sexual harassment with more than just a hashtag and a wardrobe choice.

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