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Film producer Judd Apatow ripped President Trump in a series of tweets this weekend, demanding that he "shut the f*** up."

Apatow, whose production credits include several Will Ferrell films like "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights" also called into question the president's mental health.

"Please shut the f*** up for once in your life. Shut the f*** up. We all need one moment of peace you spoiled, self-involved idiot," the "40-Year-Old Virgin" producer said.

"Take a nap. Change your sheets. Eat a non-poisoned Big Mac," he continued, referencing a report that Trump prefers fast food because it is pre-made and therefore has less chance of being tainted.

Apatow demanded that his fans "fill the offices of our legislators and call non stop today demanding this mentally ill president be removed."

"Not doing so puts lives at risk," he said.

On "Fox & Friends," Lisa Boothe  said people in Hollywood like Apatow "don't understand America."

"Most of America is just tired of hearing from them," Boothe said, pointing out that Apatow should have realized congressional offices are closed on weekends.

After Trump was elected in 2016, Apatow reportedly told a Los Angeles audience that it "felt like I've been raped."

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