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Tucker Carlson debated an environmental activist over the contention that the frigid "bomb cyclone" afflicting the East Coast is a product of global warming.

Carlson asked Josh Fox why climate change proponents believe the meteorological event could be caused by global warming.

He told Fox that in the past, routinely cold weather was said to be a product of global warming, but then record heat was considered such, too.

Fox said climate change "increases extreme weather events," pointing to the "bomb cyclone" and the string of Gulf hurricanes in 2017.

Carlson clarified his question, asking why people should believe one minute that global warming is to blame for hot weather and then later be blamed for a cold snap.

Fox responded other than North America, the rest of the globe is experiencing warming and that he "doesn't want people's children in harm’s way."

Carlson reiterated his question about the changing narrative, after Fox began to invoke the name of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

"What you're doing is calling attention to your own moral virtue," he said. "You've departed science. I've asked you specific questions."

Carlson said global warming proponents "always go to 'I'm a good person' [and] 'I care.'"

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