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In her "Angle" monologue tonight, Laura Ingraham called out the mainstream media for refusing to cover President Trump's successes during his first year in office.

"If any Democratic president had presided over the roaring stock market, two million new jobs created in 2017 and robust GDP growth that President Trump has presided over, the media would be churning out fawning coverage of him and his entire economic team," Ingraham said.

Instead, she said, Trump must endure day after day of "sickeningly biased" coverage from pundits and DNC operatives masquerading as journalists.

"Just as the president is hitting his stride on judicial nominations, tax reform, enforcing our rule of law, deregulation and trade, they play the only card they have: personal attacks," Ingraham said.

She said that's why it will be important for Republican lawmakers and the White House to put up a united front and work together seamlessly in 2018.

"We do not need a thousand different voices talking at cross-purposes on the core goals of the Trump agenda that were so popular that drove him to office," Ingraham said.

"Keep your eye on the prize. The prize is the American people."

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