Reporter Stands by Bombshell Story of Obama Letting Hezbollah Off the Hook

Shannon Bream followed up Thursday with a former DEA official who was a source for Politico's bombshell report alleging the Obama administration interfered with a federal investigation targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

On "Fox News @ Night" last month, investigative journalist Josh Meyer said the probe was "shut down" after the Drug Enforcement Administration began to identify key suspects. The administration reportedly did not want to pursue the investigation for fear of jeopardizing the Iran nuclear deal.

In an exclusive interview, Derek Maltz, former special agent-in-charge of the DEA special operations division, told Bream that there were businesses throughout the U.S. being used to support Hezbollah to the tune of $200 million a month. 

Maltz said that included drugs and sending used cars into West Africa. He said he "found it odd" that there was no coordinated effort to investigate and shut it down. 

Maltz said he briefed then-Attorney General Eric Holder on the investigation and Holder was "very alarmed" about the magnitude of money and drugs involved. He said Holder promised to set up meetings with national security officials and was almost always "supportive" of his investigations. 

However, Maltz said the follow-up meetings never happened.

"It was very strange for me sitting there listening to the Attorney General of the United States directing his people to have a meeting to get more information from the DEA and our interagency partners about this global trade-based money laundering scheme and they weren’t interested. I can't explain it," he said. 

Maltz said the scheme, involving used cars, is still going on today involving hundreds of businesses. 

"They're booming," he said, explaining the illicit money is funneled to Hezbollah to buy weapons and support its terrorist activities.

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