'He Lost His Mind': Trump Hits Back After Bannon Calls Russia Meeting 'Treasonous'

Fake News Awards? Conway Backs Up Trump's Tweet on Naming Media's 'Most Dishonest'

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders faced questions Wednesday about President Trump's plan to give out fake news awards.

Will it be televised?" asked Debra Saunders of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Saunders also asked how many awards will be given out and whether the press is invited to attend the event, apparently scheduled for Monday.

"I certainly don't want to spoil anything," Sanders responded. "My guess is there are quite a few individuals who could be up for those awards."

"I'll keep you posted," she added when Saunders asked whether the press will be in the room. "It might be hard to present trophies if [you're] not there."

Earlier Wednesday, Kellyanne Conway said the president's tweet was clear and the "struggle will be to narrow it down to one or two winners."

"Nobody has asked me to vote. The president can make his own decisions in that regard," she said, agreeing that the media should be called out. 

Conway said many reporters are "very bold" on social media and on TV against the president and his agenda, but then not as bold in person. 

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