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On "The Story," Sandra Smith interviewed the author of a New York Times report that said money-wielding "partisans" are seeking to "exploit sexual harassment claims."

Reporter Kenneth Vogel said there may be a partisan element to "exploited" stories of sexual misconduct for the purpose of political gain.

Smith said the report may lead to the public questioning the "integrity of the #MeToo movement" that brings attention to sexual harassment victims.

Vogel said that Media Matters founder David Brock, a former conservative writer turned progressive activist who Smith said "declared war on Fox News," is one of the figures in his report.

He said Brock and other operatives helped funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to famous feminist attorney Lisa Bloom in order to "push more female victims into the spotlight."

Vogel said Bloom hoped to find women who would accuse President Donald Trump of misconduct.

He said that several Democratic donors offered financial help to bring an unnamed woman "back to the table" after she shied away from accusing Trump a week prior to the election.

Brock's other activist group, "American Bridge 21st Century," reportedly wrote a $200,000 check to help Bloom, he said.

But, Vogel also warned that the cases like those reportedly involving Brock and Bloom are not unique to the left.

He said right-wing personality Mike Cernovich offered cash to people who could prove settlements from members of Congress.

Vogel said Cernovich's venture helped take down Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.).

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