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Greg Gutfeld said there is an otherwise unassuming reason why President Trump's tweets may be the "best motivational tool" for his critics.

Gutfeld used the example of Chicago, a town now infamous for its homicide rate under Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D).

He said homicides fell precipitously in 2017 over 2016: "The bloodshed made [Emanuel] a target of Trump's ire."

He asked why the reduction didn't come under President Obama, who is friends with Emanuel.

Gutfeld said the reason is an example of the "PTW" or Prove Trump Wrong effect.

He said neither Emanuel nor the media listened when Fox News "railed against media bias."

But, now that Trump is tweeting about Chicago's problems, its government feels the need to "up their game just to shut [Trump] up."

He said allegations of "fake news" have put the media and the left on a mission to stop being the news themselves.

"So laugh at Trump's tweets about Chicago or Iran or the media - they may be the best motivational tool we've got," he said.

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