'He Lost His Mind': Trump Hits Back After Bannon Calls Russia Meeting 'Treasonous'

Fleischer: 'Blistering' Trump Statement Is a '2x4 to the Head' of Bannon

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said that Breitbart executive Steve Bannon has "an exaggerated sense of self-importance."

Gingrich was reacting to a war of words between Bannon and President Trump, after an book excerpt quoting Bannon was released.

Bannon ripped Trump's son, Donald Jr., as one who will "crack like an egg" in the Mueller probe and described the son's meeting with Russian representatives during the campaign as "treasonous."

Gingrich said he correctly expected the media to "build up" the comments of Bannon against the president's 40-year-old son, calling it "the kind of nonsense they like to fill time and space with."

"Trump had won the nomination without Bannon... Trump governed without Bannon," he said.

Gingrich said the Norfolk, Va. native is simply "a guy who's been fired, who's been trying to claim a bunch of things."

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