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Are President Trump's fake news awards an actual thing? 

Bill Hemmer asked White House counselor Kellyanne Conway Wednesday whether President Trump is serious about publicly calling out the "most dishonest and corrupt" reporting on his first year in office. 

"Stay tuned!" the president wrote on Twitter Tuesday night, shortly after he goaded North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un about the size of his nuclear button.

"What is that all about? ... This is gonna happen [Monday], is that right?" Hemmer asked. 

Conway said the president's tweet was clear and the "struggle will be to narrow it down to one or two winners."

"Nobody has asked me to vote. The president can make his own decisions in that regard," she said, agreeing that the media should be called out. 

Conway said many reporters are "very bold" on social media and on TV against the president and his agenda, but then not as bold in person. 

"When they're in his company, the knees start knocking. I've actually had to pick up people's cell phones that they drop and hand it back to them," she noted.

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