VIRAL: Tomi's Christmas Message to All the Snowflakes  

Tomi Lahren Recaps 2017: 'Trump Did a Lot That He Will Never Get Credit For'

It's a new year, and I have some final thoughts.

See what's going on in Iran right now? More importantly, do you see how our president is responding? Unlike his predecessor, President Trump is bold enough to support the protesters. And you'd think the whiny little snowflakes in this country would be all for it.

But don't hold your breath. The last year has proven that if Trump does it, they hate it. Turns out the great American leftist "resistance" movement only seems to support protesting if it's anti-Trump, or anti-American values. Go figure.

See, the protesters in Iran, unlike our own fragile social justice warriors, are actually rising up for more rights, more freedom, more free speech, and more information. President Trump gets it, and supports it.

If Barack Obama had understood and supported that notion, maybe things would be different - and better - already. Don't forget, it was President Obama and his team that wouldn't fully support the Green Movement back in 2009. In true Obama fashion, he led from behind, tiptoed around the oppressive regime, cut deals under the table, and sent Iran a plane full of cash.

Yeah, don't forget, it was the Obama Administration that gave the $400 million planeload to the same Iranian regime that shoots its citizens, and suppresses human rights.

Now, why would President Obama do that? He was kissing up to Iranian leaders like … I don't know … Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is famous for encouraging the slogan "Death to America."

Now, why did Obama want to curry favor with Iran? Oh, yeah, to push the nuclear deal through as quickly as possible, before the American people and our allies had time to fully understand how bad it actually was. President Obama and lackeys like former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes - remember him - the one who famously boasted about duping starry-eyed journalists? Yeah, their puppet strings played us the whole time.

Flash forward to Iran today. Now, President Trump must clean up the mess - like he's had to do with President Obama's other "diplomatic" endeavors.

Oh, and by the way, where is the almighty U.N. in all of this? Awfully vocal against Israel and Jerusalem, but quiet when it comes to actual human rights abuses. Typical.

Enough is enough. Why are we rewarding Iran for mountains of human rights violations? Why are we giving them any relief whatsoever? Where do you think that money has gone, and is going? Remember that slogan, "Death to America?" Yeah, that's where it's going.

ISIS might be on its heels, but Iran is up to bat, and how we deal with them will set the tone for years to come. Obama failed the Iranian people, and gave the regime a "get out of jail free, go build nukes" card.

Look, it's not easy to turn an eight-year American apology tour back to an American butt-kicking tradition. But our president is working on it, and in 2018, he will get it done.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care.