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Sean Hannity said President Trump's leadership throughout 2017 has created a "blueprint for victory" in the 2018 midterms.

Hannity said Trump's policies created 1.7 million new jobs and cut 16 regulations for every new one added to the federal code.

He added that Trump's Twitter usage has kept his critics occupied, referencing the most recent missives from Tuesday that riffed on the North Koreans' claim of a "nuclear button" and that announced an upcoming "fake news" awards decided by the New Yorker himself.

Hannity said Trump has baffled some in the media with his success, pointing to a recent CBS report that interviewed several taxpayers.

Hannity said the taxpayers, who came from Rhode Island, North Carolina and California, had their tax liabilities sent to an accountant who later told them they would see tax decreases.

"[That] didn't come out the way [the media] expected," Hannity said. "These are the same experts who said President Trump didn't stand a chance."

To realize his "blueprint for victory," Hannity said Trump must goad the GOP into "getting their identity back," building several hundred miles of the Mexican border wall and completing the repeal of ObamaCare.

Hannity also took time to criticize several media analysts who continue to criticize the president in light of these victories.

One such subject was Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein, who said on CNN that Trump "tainted" the presidency with his "lies."

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