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A woman whose daughter was killed by a driver high on medical marijuana spoke out against a CNN New Year's Eve report where the correspondent handled a bong and a lit blunt.

The report showed correspondent Randi Kaye at a Denver establishment, joking around with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, who were broadcasting from Manhattan, N.Y.

Corinne Gasper said her daughter Jennifer was killed when a driver going 82 miles per hour went through a red light and t-boned her car.

Jennifer Gasper's car traveled several yards and collided with a building, which collapsed on the vehicle, Corinne Gasper said.

The driver served only 17 months in prison.

"It's very outrageous to see what I would call irresponsible journalism on behalf of CNN," Gasper said of Kaye's report.

Gasper urged viewers to contact legislators about the marijuana issue and also to press for more drugs resistance education.

Laura Ingraham said the report was a "free infomercial for 'Big Weed'."

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