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In his monologue, Greg Gutfeld said 2017 was a good year, despite being lamented en masse by the media.

"2017 was bad - for ISIS... good for us," he said.

Gutfeld said 2017 was also bad for the media, which came under fire for bias and was undermined by critics on Twitter.

"No wonder CNN hit the bong like a bobbling Deadhead," Gutfeld said, referring to correspondent Randi Kaye, who was televised holding a marijuana joint and lighting a bong in Denver during the network's New Year's Eve broadcast.

Gutfeld said 2017 was also a bad year for stock market pessimists, for colleges "plagued by social justice tyranny" and for countries otherwise "intent on getting rich off our energy needs."

He said all of these and many other situations the media criticized were actually good for the American people.

"[2017 was] not as bad as they want you to believe. [2018] could be even better now, or worse, who knows. Keep your chin up," Gutfeld said.

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