Actress Debra Messing Touts 13-Year-Old Son's Anthem Protest on Instagram

Sen. Bernie Sanders' New Year's resolution is for a heightened resistance to the Trump administration's agenda. 

As the clock wound down on 2017, the Vermont Independent wrote, “we will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land.”

Brian Kilmeade reacted on "Fox & Friends," asking whether that vision includes "taking 90 percent of your income and spread[ing] it all around."

Sanders traveled to New York City on Monday to swear in New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for a second term. 

“The bottom line is that what Mayor de Blasio and his administration understand is that in this country, in the home of Ellis Island, our job is to bring people together with love and compassion and to end the divisions and the attacks,” Sanders said.

"The two leftists want to get together and Make America Socialist Again," Kilmeade quipped. 

Sanders and de Blasio could face each other for the Democratic Party's nomination for president in 2020. 

"Will they run as Democrats or Socialists?" asked Ainsley Earhardt. 

Watch the discussion above.

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