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Alan Dershowitz believes former President Obama's strategy with Iran emboldened the Islamic republic, which he said is now poised to become a nuclear threat like North Korea in the next decade.

On "Fox & Friends," the Harvard Law professor emeritus explained that Obama was willing to give too much in the Iran nuclear deal, and he got very little in return.

The controversial 2015 agreement unfroze more than $100 billion in Iranian assets and gave cash payments of more than $1 billion in exchange for Iran's pledge not to pursue nuclear weapons for at least ten years.

"President Obama made it clear that he was going to stand behind the Iranian regime," Dershowitz said. "He was going to send them lots and lots of money. Of course some of it was their own money, but still they used it to foment terrorism, to export terrorism around the world."

He also noted a recent report that the Obama administration blocked a law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah for fear of jeopardizing the nuclear agreement.

"We've learned from North Korea is how difficult it is to negotiate once a country has nuclear power. And if Iran develops nuclear power with its hegemonic interests in the whole Middle East - they want to control all of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon through Hezbollah - and if we let them do that, they will become the most dangerous country in the world, not only to American allies like Israel, but to the United States itself," Dershowitz said.

President Donald Trump on Monday tweeted it's "time for a change" in Iran as violent anti-government protests continue in the Islamic republic.

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