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Political analyst Gayle Trotter said we have "seen the death of" investigative journalism in 2017.

"When you think about independent, investigative journalism, we have seen kind of the death of that this past year," she said on "MediaBuzz."

Trotter said it has been a "tough year" for the media's credibility.

The "MediaBuzz" panel discussed several incidents, including Brian Ross' botched ABC News report about President Trump and Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.], as well as several stories informally deemed "fake news."

Fox News correspondent Ed Henry noted it is important to separate true "fake news" - when facts are wrong or misleading - with stories President Trump labels as such because he simply dislikes the content.

Jessica Tarlov said the "fake news" moniker is "really dangerous to the business of truth - which is what journalism is all about."

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