Guam Gov: 'I Want a President That Meets NK Attack With Hell & Fury'

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Former United States U.N. mission spokesman Jonathan Wachtel said Saturday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would be one of the first casualties if war with the West breaks out.

Wachtel said the North Korean regime is clinging to their nuclear arsenal as a means to ensure both governance and life.

On "America's News HQ", Kelly Wright noted that Kim appears to be following in the governing style of deposed Libyan authoritarian Muammar Qaddafi and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

"Both those dictators are dead," Wachtel said, adding that neither had nukes. "Kim Jong Un knows that if war breaks out, he is one of the first casualties."

Wachtel said Russia and China don't like having an atomic power next to them and don't want "all-out war."

But, he said the incidental nuisance Pyongyang is to the United States and other more regional adversaries like Japan, seems not to be an issue to them.

He said America and its allies must remain vigilant because of the increasingly threatening rhetoric from Kim, who recently threatened the nearby United States territory of Guam.

Earlier this year, Republican Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo told "Fox & Friends" that he hopes President Trump will meet any North Korean aggression with "hell and fury."

Watch more above, and check out Gov. Calvo's interview below.

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