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Economist Ben Stein said much of what President Trump says on Twitter is "unbelievably sensible."

Stein, whose acting credits include "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Win Ben Stein's Money", said he does however wish that Trump be slightly more considerate in his Twitter rhetoric.

"It's a beautiful thing that he can strike back at the overwhelmingly negative press," Stein said. "Some of [what he says] is incredibly sensible."

Stein said Trump's usage of social media to go around an overly critical press is "such basic common sense that you really have to love the guy for it."

Charles Payne reported that press coverage of Trump's first year has been 62 percent negative, while President Obama's 2009 press coverage was 20 percent negative.

Responding to Stein, Democratic commentator Jehmu Greene said the press critiques him the way they do because Trump often acts like "a petulant child" toward them.

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