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Senator Tim Kaine's (D-Va.) youngest son was sentenced to probation and fined Thursday after he was arrested following an anti-Trump protest at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Linwood "Woody" Kaine, 25, was fined $236 and given a year of probation after several protesters disrupted a pro-Donald Trump rally in March, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Woody Kaine was not involved in the actual disruption and was not charged in connection with any disruptive behavior.

As the Associated Press reported:

Linwood "Woody" Kaine, 25, of Minneapolis, was among eight people arrested in the St. Paul rally in March. He pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing the legal process and received a 90-day sentence, with 86 days suspended. He served four days in jail.

A criminal complaint said Kaine and others changed into black clothing during the rally and entered the Capitol. The complaint said Kaine was among those who ran away and resisted arrest.

Two other men were charged with prohibited use of tear gas. Authorities said a smoke bomb was thrown during the disturbance.

"Some were charged for disruptive activity at the rally but Woody behaved peacefully there and faced no such charges," said Sarah Peck, a spokeswoman for Sen. Kaine.

Kaine was initially charged with the misdemeanor counts of obstructing the legal process, fleeing on foot and concealing his identity.

According to the Times-Dispatch, two of the misdemeanors were dismissed on December 11.

Others at the rally were later charged with felonies.

In March, Senator Kaine's spokesperson told the press that there is "no suggestion that [Woody] engaged in disruptive behavior while at the rally but [authorities] are instead focused on his actions as he was arrested after he left."

"Tim and Anne love and support their son and are glad the matter is resolved," the spokesperson said.

St. Paul is Senator Kaine's hometown, and his wife Anne is the daughter of former Virginia Gov. Linwood Holton (R).

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