DeSantis: Congress Will Get Answers on How FBI Used Trump-Russia Dossier

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Should Special Counsel Robert Mueller be fired?

At least two House Republicans, Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs, are calling for that action, arguing the investigation has been compromised by a bias against President Trump. 

On "Fox & Friends," former Secret Service officer Dan Bongino was asked that question. He responded that he still wants to see the results of the Justice Department inspector general's inquiry into how the Hillary Clinton email investigation was handled. 

The probe by Michael Horowitz turned up a trove of anti-Trump text messages between two romantically-involved FBI agents. One of the agents, Peter Strzok, worked on the email case and was later removed from Mueller's team.  

Bongino said the biggest question, in his view, is whether the Trump-Russia dossier was used as the basis for surveillance of the Trump team. 

"Rod Rosenstein and Andy McCabe at the FBI know the answer and can they clear it up today, but they won't. And that should disturb everyone," he said. 

Brian Kilmeade asked why Mueller's investigation seems to be ignoring Russian ties among Democrat-linked individuals, like Tony Podesta. 

"Unfortunately, justice right now is blind to Democrats," said Bongino, adding Podesta was a close associate of Paul Manafort, who has been indicted by Mueller.

"Almost every single player in this investigation has some level of bias. Whether it was the Strzok text messages. Whether it was Andy McCabe’s wife running as a Democrat. Whether it was Jim Comey acknowledging he initiated the Special Counsel investigation by leaking information. This thing has stunk from the beginning."

Meantime, Yahoo! News reports that Mueller's team is "pursuing new leads, interrogating new witnesses and collecting a mountain of new evidence, including subpoenaed bank records and thousands of emails from the campaign and the Trump transition."

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