Tony Perkins: Trump Keeping Promise to Bring Back 'Merry Christmas'

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A Newsweek article published on Christmas Eve claims that President Trump uses the phrase "Merry Christmas" as a dog whistle for white nationalism. 

In the piece, "How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas to Promote White Nationalism," the author and several academics link Trump's repeated Christmas wishes to a desire to exclude other religions and foment a culture war. 

The article goes on to accuse Trump of "weaponizing" Christmas and draws parallels with the Nazis. 

Trump’s rhetoric differs from that of Nazi Germany’s, most notably because he has never advocated for genocide. But Trump’s talk about Christmas coexists with reemerging white identity politics, experts say.

“Committed white nationalists love Trump's bring back Christmas campaign almost as much as evangelicals,” Dr. Randy Blazak, a sociology professor who studies white nationalism, told Newsweek. “His followers see this as gospel and a rebuking of multiculturalism and political correctness, and the growing influence of Jews, Muslims, atheists and other non-WASPs.”

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," guest host Mark Steyn discussed the argument with psychotherapist Nell Daly, who pointed out that Christmas is increasingly being viewed as a non-religious holiday. 

A recent Pew study found 46 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas as primarily a religious holiday, down five points from 2013.

In a Christmas Eve video conference with U.S. service members, the president wished them a Merry Christmas and added that "we say Christmas again very proudly."

Watch the segment above. 

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