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Sitting in for Tucker Carlson, writer Mark Steyn debated a Hillary Clinton adviser and political consultant over Russia's alleged role in President Donald Trump winning his election.

Steyn said the Justice Department reportedly missed Wednesday's deadline to submit former Special Counsel investigator Peter Strzok's anti-Trump text messages and accompanying specifics to Congress.

He said the FBI and DOJ have "repeatedly demonstrated they find these requests mere suggestions at best” and told Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein it's "not a small thing" to be "flipped the finger" by law enforcement agencies.

Goodstein said Trump should "thank his lucky stars" for the FBI and not be so critical.

He said Trump would not have won if former FBI Director James Comey hadn't decided not to disclose whether Russia was involved in election meddling.

"That's basically Trump's everything," he said, contending Comey kept quiet to help the New Yorker get elected.

Goodstein charged that Trump urged Wikileaks to steal information from Clinton associates' email.

Steyn dismissed the claim, saying campaign manager John Podesta's password was literally "password."

He said that if Goodstein was correct, he should be afraid of going "out of business" since the Russians can apparently do his consulting job for as little as $100,000.

"You guys are out of business if...some guy in Moscow can swing the election," Steyn said.

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