Rep. Ron DeSantis said on "Fox & Friends" that Congress will get to the bottom of how the FBI used the infamous Trump-Russia dossier.

The Florida Republican responded to a new report from the Washington Times that the dossier, funded by the DNC through a firm called Fusion GPS, remains mostly unsubstantiated.

DeSantis expressed doubts about the reliability of the man behind the dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele. 

“I think he had been a spy in Russia 25 years ago he didn’t really have any sources I think he was really window dressing for this thing. They put a lot of BS in this thing, fake news, and they tried to dress it up as an intelligence product," he said, adding it would be "very, very troubling" if the dossier was then used as the basis for an FBI counterintelligence investigation.

"We are digging for the answers on this and we are going to get the answers on this."

President Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that the dossier was a "pile of garbage."

DeSantis said House Republicans have been trying to find out more information about the dossier, but have met resistance from the Justice Department. 

"Those are very simple questions to answer. Unless the answers are bad, wouldn't you just want to answer the questions so we can move on?" he asked. 

He added that it's clear Hillary Clinton received "preferential treatment" from the Obama Justice Department, predicting that an inspector general's report will substantiate the allegation.

Watch the interview above.