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Colonel Ralph Peters [Ret.] said North Korea is suffering from a "degenerative disease of state" and predicted the Kim regime's insistence on strengthening its nuclear capability is their All-In "poker hand" as a standing government.

North Korean state television ripped the recent unanimous U.N. vote to deliver stronger sanctions against Kim Jong Un as "rigged up by the U.S. and its followers [and a] grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our republic."

The North Koreans also called western hopes of an end to Pyongyang's nuclear program a "pipe dream."

Peters said that last remark is "one time the regime is being honest."

He said the country is suffering from a "degenerative disease of state" - in that their standing military is "rotting away" and pointed to increased defections to South Korea.

"The North Korean regime and Kim Jong Un have bet everything on one hand of poker... [their] intertwined nuclear and strategic missile program," he said.

Peters said the North hopes to be able to remain secure by "blackmailing the world" if they ever master their nuclear capabilities.

He said China must act to bring Pyongyang to a "cold halt" in that regard, reiterating that their nuclear program could endanger the U.S. and must be stopped.

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