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The family of a Navy sailor stationed in Japan visited "Fox & Friends Weekend" under the pretense they would be able to Skype with their son.

Nelson Miranda, his wife and two other sons joined Pete Hegseth in New York City, thinking they would be able to communicate with Elwin Miranda, who is normally half a world away patrolling the South China Sea.

"It's hard, we miss him a lot," Nelson Miranda said of his son's service.

Nelson and his wife added that they are extremely proud of Elwin for serving his country.

"The communication is a little harder because of the different time zone," Nelson said, adding that they often text each other when they can.

Live video of Elwin was beamed into the studio, and the family greeted their son via Skype.

Elwin smiled but did not respond when his family asked where he was.

"He's actually not in Japan," Hegseth told the family. "He's out on Sixth Avenue in a motorcade."

The studio then took a wide shot of the thoroughfare, showing a small motorcade pulling alongside the Fox News building.

Soon, Elwin exited the car and walked through a private door into the studio, greeting his shocked family.

His mom called the reunion the best Christmas gift ever.

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