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The chairman of Democrats for Trump reacted to repeated calls for the president's impeachment and obstructionist behavior by members of his party.

"I think it's Trump derangement," former New York City Council President Andrew Stein said on "Fox & Friends."

Ed Henry played video of Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) introducing articles of impeachment and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) telling a crowd that President Trump's motives and actions "are contemptible."

"Impeach 45 every day," she later said.

Stein said he doesn't know why his fellow Democrats think Trump is a "bad guy."

"The deep state - Clinton [and] Obama holdovers - they're trying to delegitimize this president and they want to impeach him," Stein said, calling the rhetoric "a big mistake."

"It's nonsense," Stein said, praising Trump's tax cut law and stating his hope that his fellow Democratic New Yorker, Sen. Charles Schumer, will help Trump with infrastructure legislation.

Stein, who also served as Manhattan Borough President, said Trump needs to continue to take his message directly to the people, expressing doubt in the media's earnestness. 

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