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After FBI Director Andrew McCabe's closed-door hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he believes the FBI has shown "extreme pro-Hillary Clinton bias."

"The Judiciary Committee is engaged in an investigation, particularly as it relates to the handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and any potential investigations of the Clinton Foundation and the handling of bribes or other types of improper payments," Gaetz said on "America's Newsroom."

He alleged that Clinton received special treatment during the email investigation as a consequence of her candidacy for president.

He said there is email evidence from McCabe indicating that Clinton was going to get a "headquarter special," which suggests that normal FBI processes were not followed.

"I think we have to ensure that never happens again, that the same processes that would apply to any American would also apply to people who were running for president of the United States," Gaetz said.

He said that's why he's calling for the Judiciary Committee to institute reforms for more oversight and transparency at the FBI and Department of Justice.

"We just want to follow the facts, we want to see if we've got the right systems and processes in place for reporting and transparency, so that the American people have confidence in the FBI and confidence in the Department of Justice," Gaetz said.

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