Kinzinger on Success Against ISIS: Trump Is Empowering the Military on the Battlefield

2017 was a big year for breaking news, but what stories did the media mostly miss? 

Brian Kilmeade went over some of the most under-reported stories of the past year with Katie Frates, managing editor of Olympic Media.

Frates said the thriving economy is receiving very little mainstream coverage, since doing so would involve admitting that "the president is doing something right."

She said the U.S. gains against ISIS in Iraq and Syria have also been under-covered, something that was even called out by the New York Times

Frates said the media "can't stomach that Trump took a different position" and decided not to micromanage the military like former President Obama did. 

She emphasized that she believes the arrest of a former IT staffer of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) was the most under-reported story of the entire year.

In an op-ed, Howard Kurtz wrote Thursday that the media narrative may be starting to change heading into 2018. 

"While Trump remains quite unpopular, at least according to the polls, the media are reluctantly starting to acknowledge that his presidency is having a significant impact."

Watch the full segment above. 

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