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The government of Palm Springs, California, is declaring a war on so-called "racist" trees that line a golf course

The city plans to spend $169,000 to remove the trees, which were planted in the 1960s between the perimeter of the course and a minority neighborhood.

Some residents argue that the trees are a painful reminder of past segregation. 

Tucker Carlson, noting that many new things have been declared racist in 2017, spoke to one of the residents on his show Wednesday night. 

Trae Daniel said when Tahquitz Creek Golf Course was built, the clear intent was to separate the course from what was at the time a new housing development. 

"Why are we punishing the trees? We're killing them," Carlson argued, adding that the people responsible for planting the trees died long ago. 

Daniel said the trees are "nasty" and environmentally-unfriendly, but they also prevent African-American homeowners from enjoying the benefits to property values of living along a golf course.

Watch the full interview above. 

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