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Tucker Carlson sounded off on the next legislative agenda item needing attention after tax reform was passed.

Democrats are demanding a DACA deal in the New Year and are threatening to shut down the government by opposing a year-end spending bill, Carlson said.

Carlson said Democrats will be outraged "if 700,000 people here illegally under DACA don't get amnesty."

Citing a recent Politico story, Carlson said the Democrats will deal with Republicans on the issue as long as the GOP's "security and other enforcement measures... weren't too onerous."

"In other words, Democrats are fine with border enforcement as long as it doesn't work - that's why they are against the wall," Carlson said.

He said that asking Democrats to support enforcement of current existing immigration law isn't a "crazy demand."

Carlson said Democratic policies appear to argue that "the key to a thriving high-tech economy is importing millions of poor people with a third-grade education who can't speak English."

He said they want to "transform the country to their political advantage."

Carlson said Democrats are tired of trying to change voters' minds to their ideology, but instead will simply change the voters.

He said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) knew this and exhibited it by allowing felons to vote. The state legislature's control now hinges on a single tied election recount.

"Why not try it on a national scale?" he asked, adding that Democrats hope to turn the "flood of illegals" into a constituency through "demographic replacement."

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