Sanders: Democrats Should Have Been Begging to Be a Part of Tax Reform

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The House is set to vote again on Wednesday on a modified tax bill that has been stripped of several provisions, including part of an amendment proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that would give a tax subsidy to families who homeschool their children.

In a late maneuver, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) successfully argued that the provision could not pass with a simple majority. 

The amendment called for an expansion of tax-exempt college savings accounts - known as 529s - to cover up to $10,000 per child per year in tuition or expenses for elementary and secondary education in private schools or for homeschooling.

"That provision is still in there. It's one of the major elements of this legislation," Cruz said on "Fox & Friends." "What the Democrats did is they carved out one group, they carved out just homeschoolers, and they cut homeschoolers out. It really was shameful."

He said it's unfortunate that 1.8 million children who are homeschooled will not benefit from the most far-reaching federal school choice legislation ever passed.

Cruz said this is another example of the "antipathy" Democrats hold for homeschoolers.

"The Democrats view is they want control. They want control over everything, whether it is control over regulating an industry, control over the internet or, in this instance, control in how you educate your students," Cruz said. "The reason the Democrats don't like homeschoolers is if you're spending the time, investing the time at home teaching your kids, they can't mandate what you're teaching them."

He said Democrats believe in centralized control, while Republicans believe parents know what's best for their children.

"The beauty of this amendment that is now part of tax reform is it lets you, the parent, decide what schooling is best for your child," Cruz said. "You can decide and you can save to provide for your child. It's an enormous and, I think, very impactful reform."

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