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On "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz explained why it would be foolish for President Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz said Mueller has been "sloppy" in his Russia probe, and it has raised many questions about the investigation being biased against Trump.

He pointed out that Mueller may have a conflict of interest due to his friendship with former FBI Director James Comey, erred by not obtaining a warrant for the Trump transition team's emails and some of his investigators have an anti-Trump bias.

He said Mueller is concerned about his reputation and not appearing partisan, which could play right into Trump's hands.

"They have him where they want him," Dershowitz said. "He'll probably want to lean over backwards now to make any close calls in favor of Trump. I think it would be now foolish to try to fire him, which would create a political scandal, probably a move toward impeachment."

Dershowitz said he's always had an enormous amount of respect for Mueller, but he's simply not handling this investigation effectively.

He said Mueller should have been more thorough, including vetting the investigators he was bringing on his team for any potential bias and taking the precautionary step of getting a warrant to obtain the transition team's emails.

"You wear a belt and suspenders when you're going after the president," he said.

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