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Tucker Carlson pressed a former Obama administration official on the accuracy of a report that said his administration pulled back on a major counter-smuggling operation to help boost the chances the Iran deal would be approved by Tehran.

Former State Department official David Tafuri said the report is "thinly supported" and said it is largely based on the accounts of two disaffected former Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

Carlson said the report outlines allegations that the Obama administration slackened an operation against Hezbollah associates using the Mexican Zetas cartel to smuggle tons of cocaine into the United States.

He said the alleged actions were taken to help convince Tehran to approve the nuclear deal.

"Obama people knew that Hezbollah was partnering with Mexican drug cartels to import coke by the ton into the U.S.," he said.

Tafuri said the story needs "further investigation" before Carlson "indicts the entire Obama administration."

Carlson reiterated that it appears the operation was "stymied on purpose."

"So, is that true or not?" he asked.

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