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Hispanic Chamber CEO: 'We're Thrilled' That GOP Tax Plan May Pass

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning, Newt Gingrich said the mainstream media is lying about the Republican tax bill because they hate President Trump and they are stunned that he appears poised to deliver sweeping tax reform.

"All of the elite media is lying about the tax cuts. So day after day after day, they lie about it," Gingrich said, arguing that's why some polls show that nearly half of Americans disapprove of the GOP tax bill.

He said that once the bill passes and people see how the tax overhaul helps the middle class and small businesses, they will view it much more favorably.

“Wait until people get doubling of their deduction, wait until the child tax credit comes in dramatically higher -- doubled -- wait until we see job creation, wait until that average small business suddenly has a big tax cut," Gingrich said.

He said that the Democrats who vote "no" on the bill are making a big gamble, and they will pay a price in the 2018 midterm elections.

“For a senator from North Dakota or a senator from West Virginia or a senator from Indiana or Missouri to vote 'no' on this tax bill is almost suicidal," he said.

Gingrich explained that all Republicans have to do is run an aggressive campaign and explain how they provided tax relief to Americans and American businesses.

"Do you like lower taxes and more take-home pay? Do you like more jobs? Do you like companies investing in the U.S. instead of overseas? All these things are starting to happen a big-time way," he said.

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