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Former President Barack Obama's White House ethics lawyer warned of "taking to the streets" in the case Robert Mueller is fired from the special investigation into President Trump.

Walter Shaub held the position of Director of the U.S. Office for Government Ethics from 2013 through July 2017, when he submitted his resignation to Trump.

Shaub said at the time that Trump has created an environment where ethics don't matter.

This week, Shaub tweeted that he registered for a left-wing group's planned Capitol Hill protest, set to commence when and if Trump fires Mueller.

"Join an event to say no one is above the law," Shaub wrote.

He added in a later tweet that he is "stocking up" on phone chargers and other supplies "for when we take the streets."

Shaub said Trump will likely "assault the rule of law" over Christmastime, "when we're distracted."

He later criticized White House Social Media Director Daniel Scavino Jr., for "using an official [Twitter] account to call a citizen names" when Scavino responded to his announcement.

On Saturday, John Roberts reported that Trump transition team lawyers are accusing Mueller of improperly obtaining documents in his investigation.

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