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A retired NYPD lieutenant said Americans should unite around President Trump.

Dr. Darrin Porcher reacted to a poll reported by Pete Hegseth that showed only 65 percent of conservatives and 37 percent of liberals are "proud to be Americans."

"Rooting against a president is equivalent to getting on an airplane and hoping that the plane crashes," he said of movements like Antifa and "The Resistance."

He said it is fine to have political disagreements with the chief executive, but that people must operate within the "political structure in play."

Porcher, also an Army veteran, disagreed with a fellow panelist who said some liberals' protests utilizing the flag are a way to show criticism of Trump's foreign policy and not to disrespect the flag.

"I think he's doing a tremendous job," Porcher said. "It's about time that someone has stepped up and representing this country, as opposed to isolating us."

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