'We're Back, Baby': SNL Pokes Fun at Democrats' New Appeal

Chance the Rapper Sings 'Come Back, Barack' on SNL

Hillary Clinton responded to a "Saturday Night Live" actor who showed off a new tattoo in the former Democratic presidential nominee's likeness.

Pete Davidson posted an image of his new Hillary ink on his Instagram page, saying it was a "gift" for the 2016 runner-up.

"Wanted to get @HillaryClinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero," Davidson, 24, wrote on Instagram. 

"Thanks for being such a bad-[expletive] and one of the strongest people in the universe," he wrote.

Clinton later commented on Davidson's post, thanking him for his support.

"Thanks," the former first lady wrote. "This makes it significantly less awkward that I've had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years."

"But seriously, I'm honored. Merry Christmas, my friend," Clinton wrote.

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa told "Us" magazine that Davidson's tattoo is authentic and that he personally worked on it at his Lower Manhattan shop.

Previously, the New York City native ripped his home borough of Staten Island as a "bunch of Trump-supporting [expletives]" in an interview with Uproxx.

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