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A Susquehanna Valley radio host said praised the pending passage of the Republican tax reform plan, in spite of Democrats using their "old playbook" to stop it.

R.J. Harris, who broadcasts mornings on AM 580-WHP in Harrisburg, Pa., said people outside the Beltway "seem much happier this year."

"I think there's a positive attitude in America [because] we're looking forward to the tax breaks," he said.

He dismissed critics' notion that Trump supporters will follow the president no matter how many legislative wins or losses he has.

"We who support the president are not zombies - we expect results," he said regarding the importance of passing the bill promptly.

He added that Democrats have worked hard to fight President Trump on tax reform.

"The Democrats have done a great job convincing people that not only are people going to die, but people are not going to get their due," he said.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) slammed the legislation, predicting 13 million people will be kicked off their health insurance, according to the New York Post.

Harris said Democrats are using the same political "playbook" they've used for "decades" - that the "rich get richer" and the middle class gets hurt.

"That playbook's pretty old, but they do a good job," Harris said.

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