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Jimmy Kimmel blasted Thursday's decision to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules, calling the FCC chairman a "jackhole."

"Thank you President Trump. Thanks to you and this jackhole you appointed to run the FCC, big corporations are about to take full control of the internet, so Merry Christmas everybody," he told his audience.

After the repeal passed 3-2, Chairman Ajit Pai and other Republicans touted the new “light-touch regulatory approach” to the internet, saying it will preserve a "free and open" system. But the move was strictly opposed by Democrats and consumer groups, who warn it will lead to service providers potentially picking which content to favor for faster access.

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Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, daughter of Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), blasted the repeal and accused other FCC commissioners of abandoning their pledge to Americans. 

On "Fox & Friends," Pai hit back at the vociferous criticism, specifically from Kimmel, saying the comedian is "getting everything wrong" in his explanation of the repeal. 

"That kind of name calling and hysteria is disappointing but it's not surprising. ... So much of this hysteria is simply misplaced," said Pai.

He said the repeal is not the end of the free and open internet, as some articles, have claimed.

Pai said the FCC and FTC will still be "cops on the beat" and if any internet service provider acts in an "anti-competitive way," action will be taken. He said the current regulatory approach existed from the mid-90's until 2015.

"The free and open internet prior to 2015 is the one we are going to have going forward," he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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