Judicial Watch: State Dept Struck Deal With Clinton, Abedin to Keep Call Logs, Schedules Secret

In light of Omarosa Manigault Newman's exit from the White House this week, Rachel Campos-Duffy called out a special "animus" for minority Trump supporters from liberals and the mainstream media.

Many in the media cheered and joked on Wednesday and Thursday when it was reported that Manigault Newman had been fired from the administration and had to be forcibly removed from the White House.

“Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts joked "Bye, Felicia," while CNN's Angela Rye said "good riddance" and Joy Behar and her co-hosts expressed delight at the news on "The View."

"There is a very special punishment for minorities who are conservatives or a Trump supporter. If you're a Trump supporter and you think you've had it bad, imagine being Hispanic or black. The punishment from the media is so much worse," said Campos-Duffy, who is married to Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.).

Campos-Duffy said she does not like Manigault Newman's new plan to write a book on her experience in the White House.

"I've never liked this idea of aides and consultants writing books. ... I feel like it's using access you were given as a privilege," she said.

Manigault Newman insisted that she was not fired and that she resigned her position as communications official at the White House Office of Public Liaison.

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