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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) predicted there is a "three in 10 chance" of the U.S. using a military option against North Korea, with that likelihood jumping to "70 percent" if the rogue regime conducts another test of a nuclear bomb.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Graham said he and President Trump discussed North Korea during a round of golf on Sunday, and the issue "comes up all the time."

“War with North Korea is an all-out war against the regime,” he said. “There is no surgical-strike option.”

Graham said the North Korean nuclear weapons program “is too redundant, it’s too hardened, and you gotta assume the worst, not the best. So if you ever use the military option, it’s not to just neutralize their nuclear facilities — you gotta be willing to take the regime completely down.”

He said the U.S. was not at the "tipping point" yet, but if North Korea tests another nuclear weapon, "all bets are off.”

On "Outnumbered Overtime," John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said time is running out before the U.S. faces a difficult binary choice: Accept a nuclear North Korea or look at the military option.

"I think that's what Lindsey Graham is foretelling," Bolton said. "I'm not going to second-guess Lindsey on the odds, but the fact is it's greater than zero, which is what it was under Obama."

Bolton said the time had passed for discussions with North Korea to make a difference; with that nation so close to achieving delivery capability, it was unlikely to be talked out of its nuclear program.

“Explaining to China and Russia that our threat of military force is serious may produce a response,” Bolton said. “There’s no evidence, unfortunately, that it's happened yet. So I think Americans just have to make up their minds: Are you happy with this?"

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