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Fox News political analyst and Chicago native Gianno Caldwell called out Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the city continues to be plagued by violence. 

"Black lives don’t matter to Rahm Emanuel, black votes matter to Rahm Emanuel," he told Shannon Bream. 

Chicago's sky-high murder rate has now prompted calls from some city officials for the United Nations to step in. 

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin traveled to New York on Thursday to meet with the U.N.’s assistant secretary-general about what he called a "quiet genocide" in the city.

"The United Nations has a track record of protecting minority populations. We have to do something. Black people in Chicago make up 30 percent of the population but 80 percent of those who are killed by gun violence," said Boykin.

Among the city's more than 600 homicides this year was one incident over Memorial Day weekend in which a friend of Caldwell's younger brother died. He said his brother was in a car with a group of friends on the South Side when two men sprayed the car with 25 bullets.  

"Thankfully my little brother lived, however, his best friend died in his arms," said Caldwell.

President Trump spoke at FBI headquarters Friday morning and referred to the rampant violence in Chicago. 

"What the hell is going on in Chicago? What the hell is happening there?" he asked, also mentioning Baltimore.

Caldwell said on Thursday night that he has met with White House officials in recent weeks on the situation in Chicago, calling on Trump to keep his campaign promise and commit more federal resources.

"A lot more needs to be done," he said, adding that there have been calls going back to 2010 for the National Guard to be deployed.

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