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Tucker Carlson debated a California Democrat on the legitimacy of the Mueller team allegedly using parts of the discredited Trump-Russia dossier as a factor in their investigation.

Rep. John Garamendi of Sacramento County also responded to whether the probe has been compromised by the partisan actions of agents like Peter Strzok.

Garamendi said that Strzok's apparent liberal bias is somewhat standard, since every agent will have their politics.

He said FBI Director Christopher Wray, formerly an attorney for outgoing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), is a longtime Republican who donated to conservative causes.

Carlson asked Garamendi why Mueller, also a Republican, would refuse to answer questions about Strzok's presence in the investigation.

"We ought not be in any way slowing down," Garamendi said of the investigation, adding that allegations against the Trump team may have serious consequences for the nation.

Carlson asked Garamendi, who's critiqued Trump for allegedly cozying up to the Russians, if he took issue with the possibility some of the dossier's contents came from Russian intelligence.

"You are way out on a limb," Garamendi said, noting that the dossier was finalized by Christopher Steele, a retired MI6 agent from American ally Britain.

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