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Stuart Varney said the FBI has become too politicized and the bureau's investigations are "politically tainted."

He pointed out that Fox News has obtained anti-Trump text messages between two FBI officials.

In the texts, Peter Strzok, who worked on both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, expressed his support for Clinton and criticized Trump.

Several text even show Strzok calling Trump a "f***ing idiot" and a "d**che," and declaring "F TRUMP."


"These texts - sent right before the election last year - show extreme political bias, personal animosity and, most importantly, a willingness to shape the investigation to protect Hillary," Varney said on Fox Business Network on Wednesday.

Mueller pulled Strzok off the Russia probe as soon as he became aware of the texts.

Varney pointed out that Strzok was present for Clinton's FBI interview, and he questioned top Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. As part of the Russia probe, he questioned National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

"Any investigation of politicians must be objective," Varney said. "Further, it must be seen to be without political bias. That is not the case here. A key figure, Peter Strzok, shows extreme bias and shows his willingness to use it to protect Hillary Clinton and attack Donald Trump. The investigation is tainted."

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