'Mom Texts': Watters Reads Messages from Mother During 'Five'

WATCH: Texts From Jesse Watters' Mom Absolutely Cracked Everyone Up

For this week's edition of "Mom Texts," Jesse Watters invited a special guest for the segment.

Watters introduced his mother, Dr. Anne Watters, who sat off-screen and watched as Watters read and his colleagues reacted to her messages.

"When you are good, you are so very very good and when there is a performance like last night's, I become so distraught that you have moved ever closer to that imaginary line that cannot be crossed," Dr. Watters wrote in one message.

Watters said his mother noted what appeared to be a pattern in his reporting each week.

Dr. Watters said in another message that she sees a pattern in Jesse's commentary every week.

The host appears to be more adversarial on Mondays, compared to what she called his increasingly thoughtful approach to the news during the week.

"I began to wonder, is this Mean Mondays?" she asked.

Watters said his mom is also a big fan of one of his "Five" colleagues.

Watch more from Watters' "Mom Texts" above.

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