WATCH: Watters Invites Special Guest for New Installment of 'Mom Texts'

WATCH: Tucker Battles Dem on Legitimacy of Trump-Russia Dossier in Mueller Probe

Sean Hannity said that the fallout continues over new examples of political bias in Robert Mueller's investigation of President Trump.

He recalled several examples of "Trump-bashing" from members of Mueller's team.

Hannity said they exposed "massive conflicts of interest and political our justice system."

"This is a direct threat to the rule of law in this country," he said of the actions of Peter Strzok, Andrew Weissmann and others.

Hannity said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was interrogated at Wednesday's hearing, was refusing to criticize the probe.

"Rosenstein is aiding and abetting that threat [to rule of law]," Hannity said, calling for the former Maryland U.S. Attorney to "shut down Mueller's corrupt witch hunt."

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