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Greg Gutfeld reacted Wednesday to Democrat Doug Jones' victory in Alabama on “The Five,” saying many on the political right are "bummed" by Republican Roy Moore's loss because Jones' win makes it harder to fulfill President Trump's agenda.

But, he said, the "silver lining" to the election "cloud" is "almost bigger than the cloud" itself.

Gutfeld said Jones' win prevented the controversial Moore from becoming an "albatross" hanging over the party and the White House.

He added that the election only occurred because President Trump won in 2016.

"You can win the White House, change the political landscape, dump the Clintons, but you'll lose a Senate seat in a year," he said.

He added the reverse scenario would be much less palatable.

Gutfeld said Jones already is a "lame duck," comparing him to a "popsicle in a sauna."

Alabama has not elected a Democrat since former Sen. Howell Heflin two decades ago, and is otherwise a reliably red state.

Gutfeld predicted Jones will have a tough re-election fight in 2020.

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