Gutfeld on the NYC Terrorist's Family's Shocking Response

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Tucker Carlson debated Amer Zahr of the University of Detroit-Mercy on the reaction the New York City terror suspect's family gave after the attack.

Zahr strongly condemned the attack, the alleged suspect and the havoc the incident caused, but said law enforcement appears to have a bias toward treating some suspects' families as accomplices.

He referenced the report by a Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman that a teenage relative was pulled out of his high school class to be interrogated and that a 4-year-old was temporarily "out in the cold."

Carlson said law enforcement's reaction was appropriate after "someone in [Akayed Ullah's] family [allegedly] attempted to kill people in a subway station in the name of jihad."

Zahr said he didn't see the same treatment of the families of Robert Dear and Dylann Roof.

Roof was charged with the murder of several black churchgoers in South Carolina, while Dear attacked an abortion clinic in the Rockies.

Carlson said it was wrong for Ullah's family to react that way, since America had been kind enough to them to allow them to immigrate to the States.

"Stephen Paddock's brother was treated like a celebrity on the news," Zahr countered.

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